Who is the number one enemy of the Chinese economy? Everyone should know!

After the Sino-Japanese War, the government and the people of the Manchurian government were busy with the traitors and arrested them.

Beiyang Fleet, Minister of Military Aircraft, who is a good person who is a bad person, red face and face, trial identification, very lively.

It seems that the failure is only the traitor who will not fight this squad, or it must be because of the traitor traitors. If they are all Deng Shichang, we will win. Everyone feels that they can do better. After all, the ship is so powerful. The hard power of the navy is far better than Japan.

Those who are humiliating and humiliating the country are the sailors and officers, and the traitors who are selling in the DPRK. It is not my Qing Empire, not at least “I”. I must be both patriotic and loyal.

But in the eyes of the whole world, China is the failure. Regardless of loyalty and sorrow, regardless of the correct mistakes, regardless of fainting, no matter how brave or weak, as long as they are Chinese, they are losers.

It was China that lost, not the Beiyang Fleet. The problem is not only in the “enemy” or “the traitor”…

Since the first episode of the Opium War, it has been cycled back and forth, and it was released before the Jiawu period. It was still released after the Jiawu, and it has been released until today.

Every year, the Chinese economy is a crossroads, and every year is the most crucial year in history.

In 2018, with the wind and the trade war, the tide of breach of contract. So the Chinese economy began to catch the “bad guys” heavy drama.

That is, it is necessary to catch the “anti-thief” that has dragged down the Chinese economy. It is best to tie up the five flowers and must kill them.


Infinite loop

When it comes to harming the national economy, most of them blurt out the real estate.

Yes, it is high housing prices, and we are suffering from high housing prices:

The cost of doing physical is too high, and they are all working for the landlord;

Money cannot flow into the real economy;

Liabilities and loans to curb consumption;

High prices, young people have any dreams.

Do you say that this economy is good? The skyrocketing housing prices are the biggest thief of the Chinese economy and the source of all evils. Kill it quickly, as long as the house price falls, the economy will definitely improve.

When the enemy found it, they waited to catch people. Say, why do you want to raise the price and say why you want us to suffer so much.

Real estate business is also miserable: Big Brother does not shoot, his own people.

The eyes of the people are bright. After years of struggle with the enemy, they have also captured the real evil behind the scenes: the original real estate business is also innocent, and the murderer has another person.

Who is the number one enemy of the Chinese economy? Everyone should know! 1

The above picture tells the masses that maintaining the capital chain is the core content of the developer.

From taking land, under construction, and then to the sales process, they are all making money and moving. The bigger the developer, the more the project, the more revenue will be invested in the process of purchasing the land, the tighter the capital chain will be, and there will be no problems. Every move of the developer requires financial support from the bank.

People discovered that the bank is the supporter of funds behind it.

The bank is the biggest landlord.

When someone pointed out that the banking industry had a big blood-sucking, the bankers were too nervous: I, I was making interest-offs, and could not afford such a big crime.

So the savvy banker took the initiative to play a professional spirit: don’t shoot, I am also my own.

They gave out the bigger murderer behind them: it is the house price that is raised by water, and the house prices are released by water.

It’s got it, it’s the opposite! It turned out that all of this was done by Yang Ma. It is simply sinful.

The people can’t stand it, and the people are not happy: say, why do you want to let the water go, why do you want to do this?

At this time, there were high-ranking people in the crowd, and a bigger tiger was found:

They are to pay back local debts;

They want to artificially stimulate the economy, and drug addiction is hard to stop.

This is good, people finally understand that everything is because of this, just like after the Sino-Japanese War, people have learned that some people are corrupt.

Kill it, hurry up and kill it. It is said that the country is so difficult and it is difficult every year. How do you feel good about issuing local debts? How can you stimulate the economy?

The enemy who is lying on the ground, the atmosphere does not dare to breathe. But the heart is wronged:

“Hey, this is so poor, who does not pay for the local debt road? Who builds the bridge? Does the subway want? How do you get out of business? How come the guests come in?”

“Why should we stimulate the economy? If the economy is good, do you have to give it a boost?”

Someone in the crowd looked around and shouted and killed. Against the sky, dare to question the people? No, you guys must die!

Some people were shocked by the envy of the enemy and fell into meditation. It turned out that this was an infinite loop.

It’s a dead end.


Another dead end

However, the will of the masses can be eliminated by several anti-thieves. No, it is necessary to smash the chain of high prices. New mountains are not allowed on the people.

So the clever people began to actively explore the coup to reduce house prices.

But the historical experience is put there, and the countries in the world that let the house prices hit hard have not lived a good life.

Just like adults feel cruel and long, fantasy returns to childhood. As a result, I tried to make a good wine, and finally got what I wanted, but only in a reincarnation, I have to go through the past sufferings again.

There is nothing that can’t be broken, and more is broken and can’t stand up.

No, we have to reflect, we have to study.

What exactly is this for? Grasping the corrupt criminals and finding out the causes of corruption can be eliminated.

I have to say that the masses are wise: Originally, house prices kidnapped banks and kidnapped enterprises.

If the house price falls in a large area, the first panic is the bank president.

In the face of falling mortgage prices and companies that may not be able to lend, the bank’s first reaction is to immediately call for mortgages, tighten loans, close old loans, and not give new loans.

The direct effect of this is that some enterprises are immediately insolvent and bankrupt.

The chain reaction to tighten corporate monetary policy is that investment involving all walks of life will further decline.

The bosses are starting to make up the mortgage, and where is the money to pay the employees? Where is the mood to expand. So I started to lay off employees. This is still the case. The unemployment rate has come up, but there are troubles.

The people are shouting and screaming at high housing prices, but they are facing the embarrassing situation of unemployment.

So the government can’t sit still, what happened? How can the people be unemployed? Can you help these entrepreneurs with moral blood?

No, you can’t dismiss the workers! Say, what are your difficulties? The government helps, everyone can solve it together.

Entrepreneurs have referred to housing prices.

Duang, the government shot to save the house price.

The people are surrounded by circles. We have worked hard to get rid of housing prices. How can we save them again? What about the enemy? Has the enemy been eliminated?

This is another infinite loop.


Or not

No, there must be a bit tricky. Why do you think that China’s housing prices can’t fall? If you look at the United States, it will fall. If you are not as good, you will learn from the United States.

That is, finally someone pointed out a clear road to everyone, and the tower is a layer of light, not as good as a dark light. There are still high people in the masses.

After years of research, I finally found out that the reason why high housing prices are bound to China is all because of this: Most of the corporate finance in China comes from bank loans, and certainly requires collateral, that is, houses.

Who is the number one enemy of the Chinese economy? Everyone should know! 2

Let’s take a look at the old Americans, all from equity financing.

Who is the number one enemy of the Chinese economy? Everyone should know! 3

No wonder, no wonder China’s housing prices are not going to fall, and the US stock market is not afraid to fall. It turned out to be kidnapping companies.

Ok, the problem is found, and you can solve it. We are not afraid of suffering or tired, as long as the Chinese economy has a way out, we must solve it!

Are you sure? Certainly sure! As long as you can get rid of high housing prices, let go and do it.

As a result, China began to transform the capital market movement: desperately to issue new shares, and will not hesitate to introduce large-scale unicorns to return.

Trying to transform China’s financing model. Let the company be completely free from real estate.

But when it came to the real knife, there were differences in the masses:

“Why let them come back, why do you let them cut the leeks?”

“I lost so much money, how can you mess around?”

“The stock market is so falling, how do you make us optimistic?”
From time to time, the crowds screamed, and they began to explore new thieves. Who made the stock market so low? Who let us lose money?

The old stockholder Zhang, who is deeply and righteous, sits in front of the computer, and four large screens roll in turns, and the red and green interlaced K-line maps fly up and down.

However, the number of losses in the account constantly reminds him that I am contributing to the national economic transformation. Old tears.
The numb daughter who was already numb, while watching the World Cup, impatiently groaned: “Is the ball not good? Or is the game not fun? Why go to stocks?”

Oh, and a dead end.



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